What type of pH test strip are you looking for?  Here’s an overview to help you decide

pH-Fix Our best selling pH test strip!  For the highest accuracy and precision choose pH-Fix. Supplied in packs of 100 test strips.
DUOTEST pH indicator paper with two colour indicator zones for accurate readings.  Supplied in refillable reels.
TRITEST pH indicator paper reels with three colour indicator zones for higher accuracy.  Supplied in refillable reels.
PEHANON For pH measurement in coloured samples, choose PEHANON.  Supplied in refillable reels.
Universal & Special pH Indicator Paper pH indicator paper with a single colour for each pH value.  High quality colour scale.
Supplied in refillable reels.
pH Indicator Paper Without Colour Scale For the most simple differentiation between acids and bases.  Available in reels or booklets.
Multi-Parameter Test Strips Need to test multiple parameters, including pH?  Find a single test strip which can offer many tests at once, saving you time and money.  Great for testing drinking water, natural water, pools and many other applications.