HygieneChek TTC Total Count/Coliforms

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HygieneChek TTC Total Count/Coliforms

Romer Labs offers HygieneChek™ dip slides which are an easy-to-use, reliable and economic microbiological testing system. They are a double-sided agar paddle which is used to detect and identify various microorganisms commonly found in food preparation areas, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

HygieneChek TTC Total Count/Coliforms is a Plate Count + 0.01% TTC and Violet Red Bile agar based dip slide which can be used in the food and farming industries for the detection and enumeration of bacteria such as coliforms. The only requirement for the cultivation of bacteria on the HygieneChek dip slide is an incubator.

The TTC Total Count Agar is used to differentiate between gram positive and gram negative microorganisms according to the way the they metabolise triphenyltetrazolium chloride (TTC). Gram positive bacteria will appear red on the agar, while gram negative bacteria will remain colourless.

Coliforms are a group of gram-negative, rod shaped bacteria which can ferment lactose. The most common member of the coliform family, Escherichia coli, is commonly used as an indicator for the presence of faecal contamination.


Storage: cool, dry, keep out of direct sunlight, storage temperature 15-25°C

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Medium Incubation Time First reading of results after Final results after
Total Count 30-35°C 24 hours 48 hours
TTC Total Count 30-35°C 48 hours 72 hours
Coliforms 35-37°C 24 hours 48 hours
Enterobacteriaceae 35-37°C 24 hours 48 hours
Lactic Acid Bacteria 30°C 24 hours 48 hours
Yeasts & Moulds 20-30°C 48 hours 120 hours
Staphylococcus 35-37°C 24 hours 36 hours
ALOA Listeria 35-37°C 24 hours 48 hours
CHROMagar Salmonella 35-37°C 24 hours 48 hours
CHROMagar E. coli 35-37°C 24 hours 48 hours
CHROMagar S. aureus 35-37°C 24 hours

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