Insta-TEST Ammonia

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Insta-TEST Ammonia Test Strips

For routine monitoring of natural waterways (such as lakes and streams), fresh and salt water aquariums and fish ponds.


Directions for use

Immerse Insta-TEST Ammonia strip for 5 seconds.  Remove with pad face up and wait 60 seconds.  Do not shake off excess water.  Compare to colour chart.


Premium quality packaging!
Insta-TEST Ammonia are packaged in LaMotte’s patented PopTop bottles, with clever features designed to protect your strips for longer:
•  Molded desiccant liner, eliminating loose desiccant bags.
•  Hinge guarantee for 1000+ openings
•  Airtight & waterproof seal to lock out moisture & light
•  Durable, high density HDPP outer shell


Manufactured by: LaMotte

Safety Data Sheet3023 SDS

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Range/sensitivity Number of tests
0, 0.5, 1.0, 3.0, 6.0 NH3 25

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