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pH-Fix Test Strips 7-14

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pH-Fix Test Strips

For the quick, easy and accurate determination of pH.


Several test pads for exact results

pH-Fix test strips feature up to 4 different indicator pads that cover the whole pH range from 0-14.  You can choose from a total of 14 different measuring ranges to find the ideal strip for your application.  The brilliant colour scale is optimally matched and aligned to the test pads on the strips, resulting in quick, easy and safe pH determination.

No bleeding due to colour bounded indicator dyes
In contrast to common indicator papers, the indicator dyes in pH-Fix test strips are chemically bound to the test pads.  This patented technology safely prevents bleeding of dyes into the sample, even in highly alkaline solutions.  Your sample is not contaminated by indicator dyes.  Consequently you can use the solution for further analysis.  The colours of the individual test pads don't bleed and mix which ensures exact comparison to the colour scale. The strips can be immersed for a long time until the final reaction colour has developed.

Safe analysis by long plastic handle
The long plastic handle safely protects you from coming into contact with the sample.  Testing toxic, dangerous or aggressive substances is safe using pH-Fix.


Manufactured by: Macherey-Nagel


Safety Data Sheet92125 SDS

Range/sensitivity Number of tests
7.0 · 7.5 · 8.0 · 8.5 · 9.0 · 9.5 · 10.0 · 10.5 · 11.0 · 11.5 · 12.0 · 12.5 · 13.0 · 13.5 · 14.0 100

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