QUANTOFIX Relax – Test Strip Reader

$1,650.00 (inc GST)

QUANTOFIX® Relax – Automated reader for test strips

A revolution in test strip analysis!  With this new system, MACHEREY-NAGEL offers an entirely objective way to read QUANTOFIX® test strips, making the system particularly suitable if results are critical to your decision making.  The system simplifies testing procedures and the decision processes by eliminating the subjectivity of visual readings and by providing higher accuracy.  Especially if you test large numbers of strips, the QUANTOFIX® Relax helps and supports you with easy data administration and quick testing procedures.  Additionally, the QUANTOFIX® Relax allows you to get actual quantitative results – no gradation and estimation of in-between values is necessary.

The QUANTOFIX® Relax can change the way you work and test.  The system enables you to focus on your core processes and is the perfect tool for your testing procedures.

Highest precision

  • Quantitative results across the complete measuring range
  • Higher accuracy and no in-between value guesswork
  • Assure your decision making

Objective readings

  • No influence of external light or human colour perception
  • Reproducible results independent of the operator
  • Increase safety and comfort

Easy result administration

  • Immediate printouts
  • Data can be transferred to a computer
  • Save time to focus on your core business

Manufactured by: Macherey-Nagel

Operating Manual:   91346 MANUAL

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Instrument Memory 200 test results including sample ID
Interface User: Touch screen, alphanumeric input, password protection.

Computer: USB & RS 232 interface for connection to PC, PS/2 interface for connection of keyboard or barcode scanner.

Dimensions/Weight Depth: 20 cm (7.9 inches)

Width: 16 cm (6.3 inches)

Height: 7.5 cm (3.0 inches)

Weight: 710 g (1.90 lb) (w/o batteries and power supply)

Power requirements 110-240 V AC, automatic

Battery powered operation (optional) with 6 AA batteries

Operating conditions Temperature range: 10°C – 40°C (50°F – 104°F)

Humidity range: 80 % maximum (non condensing)

Calibration: automatic, self-calibrating

Capacity 50 strips per hour

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