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QUANTOFIX Total Iron 100

For the quick and easy determination of low levels of total iron in solutions.  The easy dip & read procedure provides reliable results in 1 minute.

Iron is an indicator of corrosion and is therefore a very important parameter to monitor in industrial applications.  In drinking water, iron is not desirable as it leads to unpleasant odours and brown discolouration.


Directions for use:

Dip QUANTOFIX Total Iron 100 test strip into the water sample (pH 1-7) for 1 second.  Shake off excess liquid.  Wait 60 seconds.  Compare the test field with the colour scale.  If iron ions are present, the test field turns blue.

Store QUANTOFIX Total Iron 100 in a cool, dry place.  Avoid exposure to sunlight and moisture.


Manufactured by: Macherey-Nagel

Instruction Manual91344 INSTRUCTIONS

Safety Data Sheet91344 SDS


Range/sensitivity Number of tests
0, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 mg/L Fe2+/Fe3+ 100


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