RapidChek Listeria Test Comb System (No Media)

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Strict regulations and a rising market pressure demand fast and reliable Listeria detection solutions.

The Romer Labs RapidChek Listeria NextDay and Listeria monocytogenes product lines were developed to deliver the simplicity, speed and high accuracy necessary in everyday Listeria and L. monocytogenes testing.

The test kits utilize highly selective enrichment media couples with an advanced lateral flow immunochemical device and a proprietary antibody mix. Use these kits to detect all Listeria strains and L. monocytogenes in particular various foodstuffs and environmental applications.

The simple preparation of the one-step enrichment media, and quick and easy sample preparation enable test results within 24 or 44 hours. These can be read easily and directly from the developed strip, without the need for specialized and costly equipment.

The RapidChek Listeria, Listeria NextDay and Listeria monocytogenes product lines use novel proprietary media, enhancing both the specificity and the sensitivity of the overall method. Numerous certifications confirm the high standards of analytical accuracy and result reliability.

The simpe-to-use lateral flow technology offers high throughput scalability. From one to hundreds of samples at once, strips can be read between 10 and 20 minutes after strip development. Kits can be stored at room temperature and offer a long shelf-life of up to 18 months.

The unique high performance single-step enrichment media of the RapidChek Listeria, RapidChek Listeria NextDay and RapidChek Listeria monocytogenes system can be stored in liquid form, after autoclaving, at room temperatures for 4 weeks.



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Item No. Product Quantity
EQOLE1210 Test Tube rack for 12mm tubes, 72 positions 1
EQOLE1217 Stomacher bag rack, 10 positions 1
EQOLE1497 Cluster tube rack, 96 positions 1
EQOEV2010 Heat Block, insert for 12 tubes 1
EQOEV2020 Heat block, insert for 24 tubes 1
EQOLE1493 Heat block, insert for 48 cluster tubes/rack 1
EQOLE1010 Balance, 400g x 0.1g, 110V 1
EQOEV2070 Dry bath, heat block 1
EQOEV2072 Dry bath, double heat block 1
EQOLE1063 Stir plate 100V 1
COSST6035 Stomacher bags with filter, 1627mL Pack of 100 bags
COSST6037 Environmental Sampling Sponges Pack of 100 sponges
COSST6036 Environmental Sampling Swabs Pack of 1000 swabs
TS15-B2 Sampling Sponge with Neutralizing Buffer 200
86006-61 Sampling Swab with Neutralizing Buffer 160
COSST6039 Stomacher Bags with filter, 18L Pack of 100 bags

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