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Drinking Water BASIC

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Water Check Now BASIC - Home Drinking Water Test Kit

LaMotte have developed three affordable, safe and reliable home drinking water test kits to help users identify safe drinking water around the world. Water Check Now Basic, Water Check Now Advanced and Water Check Now Bacteria.

The basic home drinking water test kit screens for 10 factors.

Water Check Now Basic includes 6-Way Drinking Water test strips, iron & copper test strips, coliform test (single tablet in tube), water sampling bag and dechlorination tablet, a colour chart, analysis results chart and diagrammed instructions.

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture.


Instructions3008 INSTRUCTIONS

Range/sensitivity Number of tests
Hardness: 0-800 ppm
Alkalinity: 0-240
Chlorine:  0-10 ppm
pH:  4-10
Nitrate: 0-50 ppm
Iron: 0-5 ppm
Copper:  0-3 ppm
Coliform:  Pos/Neg
E.coli:  Pos/Neg
2 per parameter

(1 for coliform)


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