Total Chlorine Test Paper

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Total Chlorine Test Paper

A fast and convenient way to measure total chlorine.  Also available in a larger pack size of 200 strips/bottle (code 4250-BJ)


Which form of chlorine do you want to measure?

Free chlorine is a measure of how much chlorine is free and available to sanitise.  That is, how much chlorine has not yet reacted with contaminants in the water and is therefore available to kill harmful bacteria and algae.  Free chlorine occurs in two forms: hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite ion.

Combined chlorine is a measure of chloramines.  Chloramines are the by-products of hypochlorous acid’s reactions with contaminants.  Once hypochlorous acid has ‘combined’ with harmful substances in the water (such as sweat in the case of swimming pool water), chloramines are formed.  Think of them as waste products that need to be removed from the water.  There is no way to directly test for combined chlorine, instead we need to test for total chlorine.

Total chlorine is simply a measure of both free chlorine and combined chlorine.  To work out combined chlorine, subtract your free chlorine reading from your total chlorine reading.

combined chlorine = total chlorine – free chlorine


Directions for use

Immerse one inch of Total Chlorine Test Paper in solution.  Remove immediately.  Blot strip with paper towel.  Compare strip to colour chart.

Total Chlorine Test Paper should be stored in a cool, dry place.  Avoid exposure to sunlight and moisture.


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