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QUANTOFIX Tin Test Strips

For the fast and reliable determination of tin in solutions. The easy dip and read procedure provides a reliable result within 5 seconds.

In the beverage industry QUANTOFIX Tin is used to control canned juices or food. Depending on the storage conditions and the quality of the tin plating, significant quantities of tin may get into the product, causing a negative aftertaste. The control of tin ensures the optimal quality of the food.


Directions for use

Dip test strip into the strongly acid test solution (pH<1) for 1 second.  Shake off excess liquid.  Compare the test paper zone immediately with the colour scale.  In the presence of tin ions the test paper turns blue.

Store QUANTOFIX Tin in a cool, dry place.  Avoid exposure to sunlight and moisture.


Manufactured by: Macherey-Nagel

Instructions: 91309 INSTRUCTIONS

Safety Data Sheet91309 SDS


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Range: 0-500 mg/L
Pack Size: 100/pk